Soap Recipe Comparison

IMG_4944 (1)0001What is your ideal bar of soap? Do you want something gentle that moisturizes and conditions your skin? Or do you prefer tons of decadent lather? Just as everyone is different, all the oils used in making soap are different and bring different properties to the final bar of soap. Some produce lather, others add a creaminess to that lather. Other oils have high conditioning properties while yet others add a hardness. As soap makers we tinker with oils and the percentages of those oils to get certain properties and qualities in our soaps. To help you find your perfect bar of soap, we have created side by side comparisons of our soap recipes. These soap recipe comparisons show how each or our recipes compare to each other in the five areas soap oils contribute to the finished bar of soap. These areas are Hardness, Cleansing, Conditioning, Bubbly and Creamy.

My personal favorite bar of soap has tons of lather. I am a lather nut and tend to create recipes that have high numbers in the Bubbly category. But with “Mature” skin I also appreciate and love to use soap with more moisturizing qualities. You will find in our product line we do not use one or two recipes and just change color and fragrance in our soap. We create a wide range of recipes so people can find a highly scented bar of soap that gives them the soap experience they love. Some recipes are designed for great lather and others to condition. We also have soaps that provide good conditioning with an abundance of lather for those wanting it all.

To help you find your perfect bar of soap, we have lined up our soap recipes side by soap by qualities so you can find your perfect recipe. You do need to note that Recipe 1 is our laundry soap and designed to lather in all hardness of water. It is high in Hardness, Cleaning and Bubbles.. all qualities you want to clean your clothes. However, the conditioning quality of this bar is low and as such would not be an ideal bar of soap for your skin. All other recipes are for personal use on your skin.

The recipes with every entry as a “1” are recipes I have yet to create. Because it was difficult to see what recipe was what with empty entries, I added the 1’s to assist in determining the different recipes. As I create more recipes we will update this chart.

Soap Recipes 1-6

Side by Side comparison soap recipes


Soap Recipes 7-12

Side by Side Comparison Recipes 7-12

Top Lather Recipes

For those of you that are like me and love tons and tons of lather, here are the top three recipes for lather. Recipe 2 is not the highest in lather, coming in slightly under Recipe 4 and 6, but the rest of the categories being high make this recipe a favorite of mine in the shower. You can see on the chart Recipe 2 has very high conditioning values compared to the other two. In addition there is a rich creamy quality to the abundant lather this bar produces.

Both Recipe 4 and Recipe 6 produce a crazy abundance of great lather. There are slight differences in the other qualities Recipe 4 has slightly better conditioning values where as Recipe 6 makes a harder bar of soap with lather a bit more creamier.

Recipe 2 : Relax
Recipe 4 : Lavender Vanilla   Oatmeal Black Lager
Recipe 6 : Lavender


Top Lather Recipes side by side comparison

Top Conditioning Recipes

For those of you that have drier or more mature skin, you may be looking for a soap experience that is more moisturizing. You will find soaps high in Olive Oil to be in our top three moisturizing bars. When we increase the conditioning oils then we have to decrease the oils that provide the luxurious lather.

Our highest conditioning recipe is Recipe 10. This recipe has both Olive Oil and Rice Bran Oil that nourish and also attract moisture to the skin. To get the high conditioning values the soap does lose some values in the Bubbly and Creamy  areas. You will find this recipe produces a lather that is composed of smaller and finer bubbles that have more of a silky feel to them.

The use of oils that produce more conditioning numbers also tend to produce softer bars of soap. A softer bar tends to be used faster than a harder bar. Recipe 11 is a nice bar comparable to Recipe 10 that is also a little harder. It is still a gentle bar with a silky smooth and finely bubbled lather.

Recipe 2 shows up in our top conditioning recipes as well as top lathering recipes. It is a great recipe for those that want it all.. lather with lots of large bubbles and still nourishes the skin. We will be using this recipe in more of our upcoming fragrances

Recipe 2 : Relax
Recipe 10Naturally Nothing Unscented
Recipe 11 :


Top Conditioning Recipes side by side comparison


I Want it All

For those that want a good all around soap we have our “I Want it All” recipes. These recipes still have the great lather I love, but we have reduced the lathering oils and added conditioning oils so each bar leaves your skin feeling clean and nourished.

Recipe 2 : Relax
Recipe 6 : Lavender
Recipe 6 Modified : Sandalwood Vanilla
Recipe 9 : Ginger Patch


Want it All Soap Comparison

We hope these charts are helpful in choosing your perfect bar of soap.