Teddy Bear

Sweet and lovable Teddy.

IMG_4229 (1)I came home from work one day and my teenage son greeted me at the door. He asked how my day was and I noticed the house was very clean. As a mom, my somethings up radar was now on high alert. I entered the apartment and came around the corner to dinner cooked and candles lit on the table. I asked what was going on and was told how much I was loved and this was just a token of his appreciation. I was not convinced something was not up but decided to enjoy it all while it would last.

About half way through dinner I was informed his dad was doing a remodel of the house. I replied that was interesting and he proceeded to tell me that because the home would be all new and because of allergies they were getting rid of the cats. I was told his half sister was taking her cat and I thought that was nice. I then had the hammer dropped on me. “His” cat also needed to be rehomed. I replied I hoped they could find a nice home for him as I had heard he was a real sweetie.

IMG_5293It was then I got the plea to adopt Teddy.. who at the ¬†time was Tabby. I promise I will keep the house and my room clean, I’ll do the litter box.. and on and on the promises came. I was not sure I wanted another cat. I had Bruce and life was just fine. But.. I was at work all day and maybe a companion would not be a bad idea. Especially with all the promises ..

I agreed to adopt Tabby. He arrived and spent three days screaming his head off at the new place and new cat. In time he settled in and I found him to be a real love. It was at that time I decided to change his name from Tabby to Teddy .. short for Teddy Bear. We are not sure how old he is as he was an adult at the time my son got him at his dads. I have had him almost six years now and am glad I decided to open my home up to him. At night he will change sides of the bed as you turn over just to be close to your hand in case you want to pet him. Not as much as lap cat as Bruce, he still likes plenty of loving.


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