Sunny Boy

Sunny Boy my friendly feral catI saw Sunny Boy running around when I first moved in and he was a teenager. I thought he was such a pretty cat with the yellow and a lot of white on him. But as feral born he wanted nothing to do with people. I always thought it was a shame as he was such a nice cat and needed a better life than running wild provided.

When I got my dog Spencer I did not have a run for him. When I was home I tied him out on a very long rope in the back yard. I attached one end of the rope to him, and the other to a branch up in the large Mesquite in the back yard. The branch had some give for the times he hit the end of his rope running and also provided some nice shade. Keeping an eye on the dog during the day I noticed that Sunny liked to hang around Spencer and the two would play then nap together out under the tree. Though I could get no where near Sunny, I was amused he tolerated a playful puppy jumping and playing with him. Over time he got more used to me. When I went to get Spencer and bring him in for the night, Sunny would follow along. One night over the holidays I finally had enough or watching the feral cats catching bugs for food. I decided to give them some of the turkey I had from Thanksgiving. Twice a day I would feed them under one of my Mesquite trees in the back yard and in time they got used to the routine. I finally stopped seeing them at night under the light and hoped they could now sleep as their bellies were full.

Gradually I moved the feed station from the tree to up on my back porch. Then, over time, I would sit still out there as they cats came up to eat. Their hunger got the best of them and I got so I could pet Rocky and Buddy. But Sunny continued to keep his distance. He still spent a lot of time with Spencer and after what seemed like eternity, Sunny finally would come up and eat with me sitting still on the porch. We spent a lot of time just being still and in each others presence. Finally one day I reached out to pet him. He did scoot back down the stairs and gave me a wary look. It took a lot more time for Sunny to accept my touch but now he loves the attention.

Feral cat Sunny Boy has become my friendAt this time Sunny is becoming a partial indoor cat. We have been bringing him in at night because he has come back horribly scratched from the tom cat fights going on this time of year. I kept him inside a full week and got the wounds healed. At this time I found out he is a talker. All times day and night he will get to screaming and hollering. Sometimes it is for attention, other times for food.. then there are many times it is for nothing at all. OMG.. can get a bit much at 3 am.

I am hoping to get him neutered in the next few weeks and I am also working to get my three indoor cats used to him around the house. He camps out in a very large Great Dane sized dog crate with food, water and litter box here in the house. It allows my three indoor cats to come by and get used to him. We are also bringing him into my office with another cat and letting them get used to coexisting together. So far I have not seen him hiss or get ugly with anything.. he is such a love.

Though I really do not need another cat.. I will probably keep Sunny Boy around. Where the goal of the others is to spay/neuter and find forever homes that will love and take care of them, Sunny is so cool I am going to make room for him here. I also found when my son visited he is still very much a feral. He wanted nothing to do with my son and came unglued trying to get out of the house away from him. Not sure why it never occurred to me he was still wild and just the three of us, Spencer, Sunny and me, are friends.

After being neutered he should not be fighting or contributing to the population, and since he is used to being outside, he can be an indoor/outdoor cat. So I keep telling myself am not really adding other cat, I am just providing a feline bed and breakfast.. lol.

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