Squeaky is a recent addition to the food I put out. She came out of nowhere one night and streaked up the back steps to the food tray. She attacked Sunny Boy and he left. She hissed at me and started to inhale the food. Tentatively I reached out and put my hand on her to pet her. She hissed again then started to rub up against my hand. At t hat point she was very torn between eating and getting some love. I felt her and she was skin and bones. Poor thing.. I had never seen her before. I made sure to stay outside petting her and talking to her until she got he fill of food. At that point she streaked off and poor Sunny Boy once again came up to visit and eat.

IMG_47320001Over the next few weeks Squeaky would come to the food lat at night or very early in the morning. She is not above getting up on the back stair rail and putting front paws on my door meow at the window until I come out for a visit. I noticed she was still skinny but was getting round. I determined she was probably carrying kittens and was going to put her in the house in a very large dog crate to have them. But.. she ended up having them before I got her caught and now she comes around every few days to eat. I am hoping she brings the kittens in time and I can work on getting them tame so I can find homes for them. I will also work with a feral group to get her spayed. She is suck a sweet t hing  hope to find a loving home for her in time.

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