IMG_35690001After many years of working two jobs to keep my head above water I finally got the position I had been working for. Now that I would have more time for things other than sleep and work I decided the time was right to get a puppy. I have had Afghan Hounds for years and love their temperament.. but I was not interested in taking care of that long coat again. I had done agility with my last Afghan and since I had the dumbest breed I obtained a Border Collie as a rescue and also had the smartest breed. Skye was a real sweet dog and so I made the decision to get a Border Collie. I stated watching Craigslist ads and was interested in a pure bred but not an expensive papered dog from working lines. I finally found someone with puppies in my price range and about an hours drive from where I lived. I was sent photos and chose the one with lots of white and made an appointment to go and get him.

spencerrSince I had a long drive to get him I pondered what I might call him. I know it is usually best to let them name themselves.. but I had nothing else to do but enjoy the drive and think up names. My experience with Skye is the breed is very intelligent and loves people. I tried to think of names that would convey that intelligence and was also lovable. I now need to let you know one of my favorite shows is Criminal Minds. I find all the characters are great and I enjoy the show as much for seeing the characters as well as solving the crime. My favorite character is Spencer. I adore his loyalty to his mother and friends and get real upset when they make the character cry. His quirky facial expressions and pranks bring a lot to the character and I admire the actor that portrays him. It was then I decided that was the perfect name for my puppy.

IMG_3485 (1)0001Spencer will be a year old in May of 2016. He has been a lot of fun and a bit of a challenge. He is very smart and learns easily.. but definitely has a willful streak that I must keep an eye on. Until I got his dog pen built I would tie him outside off a large branch of one of my Mesquites. It was he that first befriended Sunny Boy. They would play together and when tired would also sleep together. Because Sunny took a liking to Spencer he would come closer to me as I walked the dog. Over time he became more comfortable with me and is now my best bud.

IMG_2797 (1)0001We are currently working on a large bag of tricks. Sit, stay, down, dead dog, shake hands, get back, catch, find and get your dish. We constantly work on heel as there seems to be no respect for being on a leash and walking along side of me. We want to cut in front or zip off sideways. There is always something interesting so we work a lot on focus as well.

With all the cats around here is it nice to have a dog. Spencer adores being loved on and thinks his place is on my lap when I am sitting down. Of course my lap cat Bruce does not agree so it makes for some interesting evenings.




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