IMG_2820 (1)0001Yes.. I even have chickens with whiskers. I ordered four Easter Egger chicks that were supposed to be hens that would lay colorful eggs. I ended up with one hen and three roosters. Over time having five roosters and a dozen girls caused a lot of fighting and stress on the hens. After some aggressive behavior towards me and having a hen in the house for a week to heal a bloody wound to her neck, three of the roosters ended up in the freezer for bad behavior. Two we the Easter Eggers but I still have one in with the girls. Sedona is the only Easter Egger hen I ended up with and she fits in nicely with the other eleven girls I have running around the place.

As a chick growing up her feather colors reminded me of the southwest.. earthy and warm tones. I tossed around a few names and finally settled on Sedona. Now that she is grown I really wish I had gotten four hens. She is not as friendly as some of my other girls.. but that blue green egg I get from her almost every day is a special treat.

I am hoping to get an incubator soon and I will be hatching out several of Sedona’s blue green eggs. I would like to end up with more hens that will lay a colored eggs. I find her feather pattern very lovely and wish she was a bit more friendly and would let me handle her some. Because she was such a cute chick she got plenty of handling when younger. Though a bit aloof I still enjoy watching her and gathering her eggs.


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