IMG_47370001Molly was born on the back patio of the apartment I lived in for a while. Many people moved out of their apartments and left the cats outside behind. Then, over time they bred to the point there was getting to be quite the feral population. I mentioned to the managers of the complex  that in San Antonio there are groups that trap, spay or neuter and return the cats to their colonies. We would still have the population but at least it would not grow. And people at the apartments were getting tired of paw prints and scratches on their cars and the cats doing the business on patios. Management stated it was not their concern and were not even interested in getting photos of people pets when they got them and making sure they were not left when people moved out.

One afternoon my son found two kittens had been born under a covered desk we had out on the patio. I told him we needed to handle the kittens daily to make them people friendly and we needed to keep mom fed. The goal was to find homes for the kittens. We had a black male and a calico female. One night I got out of my car and heard a kitten screaming. It was coming from my porch so I ran around, came into the apartment and went out to the patio. There I found the black kitten dead and the calico raising a ruckus. They were skin and bones.. and I had not remembered seeing mama in a few days. The food was being eaten but it did not appear to be eaten from mama. The kitten was still very young and eyes barely open. I brought her inside wailing and hissing and opened a can of canned cat food. She hissed and gobbled up the food. I was taking no chances so into one of my bathrooms she went. She got a litter box an fresh water and was daily fed. I got some nutrient dense food and in no time she was putting on some weight.

IMG_5289We spend several days hissing and spitting at me and backing into a corner as I put food down. I pretty much ignored the outburst and she was petted and loved on as well as fed. A few days of being the wild feral  and she decided to change her mind and become a lovable pet. It was time to think up a  name. She was feisty and spunky and had managed to survive where mom and brother did not. And so she became the Unsinkable Molly Brown.

I have a friend at work that works with ferals and since my neighborhood was a zip code that had free spays she was taken in. When I got her back she had received her shots and also had her ear notched. I must admit I was a bit mortified my baby had her ear loped off. But it never fazed her a bit and she was back to her rambunctious self in no time.

As sweet as Ms. Molly is she is also quite the destructive force. She managed to crack the front of a 30 gallon fish tank and I watched 30 gallons of water empty out of the tank in about ten minutes at 2 am in the morning. I was crazy trying to save fish then clean up the mess. She enjoyed watching the water spray from the tank then played in the huge puddle she created. She also likes to scratch my door jams. I have all kinds of things up around the house to protect the jams at this point until I can figure out a way to detour her. Though quirky and at times a pain.. I still love her and am glad she was rescued and is no longer a feral.


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