IMG_3768 (1)Buddy was one of the first to allow me to pet him. He was hanging out with Rocky and Sunny Boy and that was the first group I started to feed. Initially we started with trimmings from our Thanksgiving turkey then moved on to regular cat food. I started feeding by a large Mesquite tree just off the back steps. Over time I moved the food to just outside the back door on the small deck I have there. When they got used to eating there I started to stay there until the got comfortable coming up and eating with me just sitting there. Then I started to reach out and touch them. Poor Buddy.. he acted like he had been someones cat before and was just starved for some loving.

IMG_5040 (1)0001He was a regular at the food and used to keep me company in the back yard when I worked. He is a very vocal boy and tends to chatter all day long. He had put some weight on and the coat was looking good and I really enjoyed his company in the yard. Then the day came when I stopped seeing him. It has been months and I had got to the point where I figured he was gone. The just the other day he was back out at the feeder on the back steps. He was horribly beat up and looked really hungry but I was thrilled to see him. He was more interested in some love and scratching before he finally decided to eat.

I am hoping Buddy stays around a bit as I want to get him fixed and to a loving home. I will miss him here at Windy Whiskers Corner, but he is so sweet he deserves a nice forever home. And hopefully we will find a new person for him that will send me some photo updates once in a while.

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