Bruce was born in Ohio to a barn cat names Daisy. She had five kittens.. all males. My son and I put them in a large dog crate and handled them every day to make them people friendly. When the time came they were given shots and were brought up to the shop I had at the time and were free to good homes. The five boys my son and I named after boy heros. We had Bo and Luke Duke, Indie for Indiana Jones, Tony for Iron Man and Bruce… the black Bat Cat.  But Bruce, one of the black kittens, was just special. they were always friendly but he was even more so. He greeted people at the door and loved to hang out with me at the shop and so we decided he was a keeper. The kids always loved to come in and play with Bruce while mom shopped and he had a basket of toys they all knew where to find.

The move to Texas and leaving the shop put a kink in my little social bugs life. He loved it when we had a repair man over as he got to do his meet and greet and made a new friend. He is always the gentleman and always close by. When I get a chance to watch TV he gets some love and lap time. When on the computer he is snuggled up for the warmth and ear rubs.

Bruce likes to view the world from upside down. You will always find him belly up and watching life go by from his different perspective. Bruce also has never met a box he did not like. Large or small.. it was a place to get on or in and every box brings joy.


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