Big Red

Another chicken with whiskers. This is our Easter Egger Rooster.

IMG_43720001Big Red is the other Easter Egger chick that ended up being a rooster. I loved this guys color and his stately carriage. Although I wish he had been a hen, having the genetics of colored eggs in some chicks I will hatch and raise is not a bad thing either. Like Sedona, Red is a bit aloof. As a rooster he can get a bit bold and I do keep an eye on him. Compared to my Black Australorp rooster Jose, Red tends to come closer and seems to always be sizing me up. He has not been aggressive and has mellowed since getting rid of the other three boys, but I do not take a chance and keep a watchful eye on hims as well.

As a rooster he is protective of his girls and keeps an eye on the feral cats as they hang out on the property.

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