Etsty Shop Open .. Learning SEO

Stack of Handmade Sandalwood Vanilla SoapLife has been crazy busy these days. Here in Texas we have had some insane weather. We have had multiple hail incidents as well as a lot of rain bringing flooding. I work in a claim office so the work load has been more than normal as well. Several friends at the office have multiple  claims for vehicle and boat total losses, destroyed roofs and broken windows from the hail. Even I, one night, sat through 30 minutes of pea and quarter sized hail pounding my home. I prayed nothing would get broken and was lucky. The car only got a couple of dimples and no broken windows. The garden however, got shredded.

I could smell onion when I went outside after it was over and the tomatoes got pounded pretty hard as well. My comfrey plants looked like they had been shot full of large buckshot and the peas, beans and cukes were pretty much destroyed. With the weather outside being so awful we have been working on our new soap business. The soaps  have cured and we have taken pictures and spent some time cropping and getting the photos looking good. Then we uploaded them to this site and our Etsy store.

We uploaded seven products to our Etsy shop and filled everything out, setup our payment option and opened our shop. I downloaded the app to my phone and checked the stats daily. Not much happening. So I went looking for ways to get more people to see my products.

I headed to Google and the search led me to SEO and using words to appear in their searches. I am learning I have to have key search words in the title as well as the first sentence of the description. I found a great video to help me get started.

We are going to try some of their ideas to start and see if we can’t get a little more traffic. I am on vacation next week so will see about updating the shop with some new soaps and also adding some keywords to assist in the searches. I did as the video suggested and started to look up terms used to find products like mine and we definitely have a saturated market to find a place in.

We are still doing some research to see what else needs to be done to hit that first page. We will tweak our descriptions, add key words and have attractive photos and hope to get a sale or two. Sales and good feedback will also help with the ratings. Also on the horizon is preparing to do craft shows again. Starting over from scratch means product displays will need to be figured out again and need to build up inventory as well. We are hoping to to get everything ready for some fall craft shows. In the mean time we will continue to work on the Etsy shop as well as our web site and see where it takes us.

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