Hello and Welcome ..

Fresh cut hand made artisan soapHow did we come about Windy Whiskers? It has been a bit of a journey but a fun filled trip. Quite by accident I discovered the taste of luxury that a well made bar of soap gives its user. I found I absolutely enjoyed a bar of hand made soap that has incredible lather, a wonderful scent and leaves the skin feeling clean and soft. I came to find handmade soap is a luxurious way to begin your day. And so it began.

In the Beginning

I have been using my hand made skin products on my own skin for about twenty years, and it has made quite a difference. Though my body has aged my skin has not shown the typical signs of aging I see in others my age. My foray into hand made products was not on purpose, but started by accident. I was given a bar of hand made soap from my mother that was rustic in appearance compared to what I bought at the store. I thought it was neat looking and so displayed it in a soap dish in my bathroom. It had a delightful fragrance you could smell when you walked into the room so I used the bar as decor on the bathroom counter. Not once did I think about using it. I mean.. it was hand made so how good could it be compared to the commercial soap I was used to using.

Then one day I ran out of my usual shower gel and had no choice but to use the hand made bar. I figured I would use it that day to get me by and would purchase my regular stuff after work. Boy was I in for a surprise.. the hand made soap was incredible. Though several years old at that point in time, the bar gave me a thick and rich lather that was a real pleasure to use. And  I noticed afterwards my skin felt soft and moisturized. All day I marveled at how nice my skin felt and never stopped to pick up my usual soap on the way home.

The Soap Making Begins

Making cold process hand made soapAs I was enjoying my new found pleasure I started to look for another bar for when it was gone. There was no place local that was selling hand made soap and nothing I saw online interested me. Since I am a bit of a penny pincher as well as creative, I tend to have an attitude that I can make things cheaper than buying them. I also like the idea that I can make it my way. So I bought some books and did some research. Making hand made cold process soap did not seem too difficult, one just had to be careful when creating recipes and using the lye. There were so many possibilities and ways to be creative I could not wait to get started.

So I began to gather oils, made some moldsnthen made some soaps. I discovered along the way that I not only loved the soaps I created.. I also loved creating the bars themselves. I added my love of candles to the hobby by creating highly scented and long burning candles to my home made bath products. In time the soaps and candles piled up and I needed a way to get rid of some of them. I could only give so many gifts to family and friends so I started a small hobby business. We decided to sell  at craft shows as we got to interact directly with customers and it was a great way to get feed back on the products as well as how we presented t hem.

I sold for many years at craft shows with my young son and it was a great time we shared together. I was amazed and proud at how easily he could talk to adults about the finer points of our candles and soaps. he was great at setup and tear down and had no issues making change when running the register. We loved the hand made ice cream, cinnamon sugared almonds and all the wonderful people we met along the way. We had lots of fun and we were very successful.


Things were great in our little hobby business but infortunately, life took an unexpected detour and I had to walk away from it all. I had to leave my business and make a cross country move. Not knowing what the future would hold but knowing I was done for a while, I kept enough soap and candles to last me a number of years. I made my move and started life all over again. I was kept pretty busy just creating my new life but in time.. the creative bug to make soaps was getting louder and I knew it was time to get back to what I loved.

Once again I gathered oils, made soap molds and created soaps. And once again I am creating more soap than I can use. So we are starting up another soap business so we can share our soaps with others. Anyone can create a bar of soap. But we try to go a bit further and create an experience you will love. Remembering that first time I used hand made soap and the great lather it produced, the wonderful scent it had and the way my skin felt afterwards is the creative drive behind our recipes. No getting around it.. I love lather. So we create many soaps with that decadent lather I so enjoy. But we also want to think about the oils used and the benefits they provide your skin. We are particular about what we use in our recipes and you can find out more information on our About our Soap page.

Feral cat Sunny Boy has become my friend .. about Windy WhiskersAlong with our passion for a great bar of soap, I have a soft spot for cats. I have three that are indoor whiskers and have adopted the local ferals here at the home I recently purchased. I thought I had tamed them to the point several were no longer feral. But my son’s recent visit showed they were still very much wild. I came to appreciate the special trust and bond I have with my outdoor whiskers. I hope you will take a moment to check out the Whiskers Page and get to know my furry friends.

Going Forward

At this time our products are only available on our website and in our Etsy Shop. We will be gearing back up to get out with the public again and will soon be doing craft shows again. Once again we get to design displays and I can’t wait to meet the new friends I will find along the way.

Each bar of soap we make has been designed to give you a soap experience..  that little bit of luxury only a well made bar of soap can provide. I appreciate you taking the time to learn more about Windy Whiskers. We hope you enjoy our soaps and we thank you for stopping by our store.