All of our handmade soaps are made with quality ingredients and created in small batches in my kitchen. I carefully choose the oils to create a recipe possessing the characteristics I want in the final bar of soap. I love thick, rich lather as well as soap that leaves my skin feeling conditioned, so I choose oils and butters to give me the soap experience I enjoy. I am also environmentally aware and choose to have a positive impact on the environment with what I create.

Why Handmade

Creating our handmade soapsSoap is the end result of combining oils and butters with lye. The finished product is gentle to the skin and contains glycerin. Glycerin is a humectant, which means it attracts moisture to the skin. You find it in higher end products like lotions and creams as a moisturizing agent. In the commercial soap industry, soap is milled and the glycerin is removed to use in those higher end other products. What is left is a detergent bar that really cannot be called soap. It is the reason your skin feels so dry after use and why you need to get those lotions and creams to add back the moisture that is lost.

When you purchase handmade soaps, you are able to choose bars with ingredients you want on your skin. There are no preservatives, chemicals or lather enhancers in handmade. Instead you will find skin loving oils and butters. Tor the price of a couple Frappuccinos or Lattes you  you will be amazed at how nice your skin will feel.

Our Soaps

When choosing the oils I use in a recipe my current attitude towards GMO’s is also reflected. You will not find me using corn or soybean oils as they are huge GMO crops at this time. All oils contribute something to the final bar and you will see I have a variety I like to use. Olive and Coconut oils are favorites and found in almost all recipes. I also like Castor Oil because the oil is a humectant and makes a nice emollient bar. Other oils I like are Sunflower, Avocado, Sweet Almond, Grapeseed and Hazelnut Oils. I try to balance my recipes with cost effective base oils as well as some higher end decadent treats like Shea and Mango butter. We are not Vegan as I also like to use tallow in my creations as it brings mildness to a bar of soap.

Getting ready to create our handmade soapsIn addition to the oils and butters you will see other additions. I like things simple, natural and local and when I need to add things to a recipe I keep these principles in mind. Eggs are fantastic for the skin and when I add them they come from the girls out back. I live in an area where I can obtain goat milk and even raw dairy mile from local farmers. I have a nice garden that also produces things I use in the soaps. Even the orange peel comes from the oranges I get from my neighbor George. After enjoying the juicy fruit the peels are dehydrated and ground into a fine powder. Our colorants are derived from natural spices, micas, clays and botanicals.

The process of making cold process soap is brutal on the ingredients. Not every fragrance can survive and last in a bar of soap. We choose both fragrances and essential oils and test them to make sure they not only survive the soap making process.. they continue to smell good for a long time afterwards.